Spermidine, molecular biology reagent, ~99%, 25 g

Spermidine, molecular biology reagent, ~99%, 25 g

Synonyms N-[3-Aminopropyl]-1,4-butanediamine; 1,8-Diamino-4-azaoctane; N-(3-Aminopropyl)-1,4-diaminobutane

CAS Number: 124-20-9 Molecular Formula: C7H19N3 Molecular Weight: 145.25 g/mol

Beilstein Registry Number: 1698591 EC Number: 204-689-0 MDL Number: MFCD00008229

Packaging size: 25 g

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Product Description


Usage Statement

Research Use Only (RUO). Ready for CE IVD labeling of clinical applications.

SKU 0219485225
Alternate Names N-[3-Aminopropyl]-1,4-butanediamine; 1,8-Diamino-4-azaoctane; N-(3-Aminopropyl)-1,4-diaminobutane
Base Catalog Number 19485225
Beilstein Registry Number 1698591
Biochemical Physiological Actions Forms stable compounds with nucleic acids. Inhibits neuronal nitric oxide synthase (nNOS). Binds and precipitates DNA; may be used for purification of DNA binding proteins. Stimulates T4 polynucleotide kinase activity. Spermidine has a role in cell growth processes and the formation and interconversion of spermidine in mammalian cells has been reported.
Boiling Point 129 °C at 1.40E+01 mm Hg
CAS # 124-20-9
EC Number 204-689-0
Format liquid
Gene ID rat ... Ppm1a(24666)
Grade Molecular Biology Reagent
Hazard Statements H314
Melting Point < 25 °C
Molecular Formula C7H19N3
Molecular Weight 145.25 g/mol
Pack Size 25 g
Personal Protective Equipment Faceshields, full-face respirator , Gloves, Goggles, multi-purpose combination respirator cartridge, respirator filter
Physical Appearance Clear; Colorless Liquid
Product Families Description Spermidine
Product Overview Spermidine
Purity ~99%
Refractive Index n20/D 1.479 (Lit.)
RTECS Number EJ7000000
Safety Symbol GHS05
Sterilization of Solutions Solutions can be sterile filtered, do not autoclave.
Storage and Handling Store at +4 °C. Store Desiccated.
Usage Statement Research Use Only (RUO). Ready for CE IVD labeling of clinical applications.