Radioimmunoassay (RIA), Androstenedione

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Androstenedione Double Antibody RIA Kit

The kit is ready to use and includes the following components: Antiserum, 7 standards, 125I-labeled tracer, Steroid Diluent, and Precipitant Solution. Kits are manufactured once per month and have an 8 week shelf life.

Androstenedione Antiserum for 125I Assay (Rabbit), for 1000 Tubes

Antibody is purified from rabbit and is sufficient for 1000 tubes.

Androstenedione 125I Tracer, 50 uCi

This product contains 50 uCi 125I-labeled tracer.

Androstenedione 125I Tracer, 10 uCi

This product contains 10 uCi 125I-labeled tracer.

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