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Rabbit Complement

Product is rabbit serum, rapidly processed to preserve complement activity. Pooled rabbit serum is filtered through a 0.22 µm filter, vialed and lyophilized.

Rabbit Complement Type (Hla-Dr)

The complement is produced from a large pool of New Zealand White rabbits, 8-12 weeks old. The animals are of United States origin. Cytotoxic titer is determined by NIH standards for microlymphocytotoxicity. Minimum release criteria is 80%-100% cell death in 1:2 dilution.

Whole Rabbit Serum

Product is whole rabbit serum and buffer salts. Whole serum is suitable for use as a serum protein control in immunoelectrophoresis, Ouchterlony immunodiffusion, and other immunoprecipitation techniques. It may also be used as a blocking agent in fluorescence and enzyme immunoassays.

Guinea Pig Complement

Pooled guinea pig serum is rapidly collected and frozen-preserving complement activity-and lyophilized. It is specially collected and processed under "Cold Room" conditions which maintains maximum complement activity. Guinea pig serum characterized for both classical and alternative pathway activity. Guinea pig serum complement is suitable for in vitro experiments relating to complement activation. It has been widely used in biomaterials research and pharmaceutical development. It is ideal for experiments and assays for which a high level of in vitro complement activity is necessary or a low level of complement activation fragments is required.